This event began in the home of three residents of the village (of Sabina) and in 1988 expanded to 13 locations that year, with 60 crafts people displaying their crafts as a community wide event.  Their emphasis was on quality handmade items, many of original designs.

Today we have the same emphasis, quality handmade items.  In 2014, we had 40 craft and direct sale vendors in various locations around town.  Also 18 homes, businesses and eateries participated.

We would like to salute our founders: Mattie Helphenstine, Patty Thomas, and Jeannie Rittenhouse for putting together this event and letting us continue the tradition that they began.

Some of the crafters that began in 1988-1989 are still crafting with us today.  Make sure to say Thank you to Faecena Milburn, Sharon Welsh, Rita Howard, Diane Howard, Sharp Connections, and Women of the Moose for their continued participation in this fun weekend to kick off the holiday shopping season.